Goldrausch Kuenstlerinnnenprojekt Workshop-Kurs 2019, © Alena-Schmick

Workshop 2019
© Alena-Schmick

The seminars, instructed by expert cultural workers, take place every Thursday and Friday in the seminar room in Lichtenberg. In addition, three to four intensive weeks take place over the course of the one-year programme.

During the corona pandemic, all course offers are being maintained, in compliance with the current social distance and hygiene regulations. Accordingly, lecture seminars for the whole group are offered digitally by means of a moderated digital video conferencing system. We are thus able to ensure the continuous regular course operation for the artists as well as for the expert guests. As far as possible, we offer individual coaching sessions and meetings in smaller groups in analogue form in the seminar room in Lichtenberg. Expert discussions and excursions into the Berlin art world, take place in compliance with the current hygiene regulations.

The one-year programme consists of the following course modules:

Legal and economic fundamentals
Financial and time management
Communication strategies
Multimedia fundamentals

Reflection and analysis of one’s artistic position
Formulating a self-concept as an artist
Situational appraisal and developing goals for artistic work

Art audiences
Conversations with invited artists, curators, gallerists and others
Information about funding opportunities
Insights into related artistic professions

Concepts of presentation
Designing and going online with a website
Designing and publishing a brochure/catalogue
(actual production depends on funding)
Participating in final group exhibition
Publicizing and documenting the exhibition