Call for Applications

Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt has been run by Goldrausch Frauennetzwerk e. V. since 1989. It was founded to counteract the structural discrimination faced by women artists. Now more than ever, it is not enough to just make good art. Broad professional knowledge and expertise are necessary in order to be successful and visible in the public domain. Therefore it is our objective to promote women who pursue their chosen career, helping them gain further practical knowledge and presenting their work.

Find all the information on the application here (download PDF file).

What we offer

The programme’s course is tailored specifically to meet the objectives of the participants. Every year, 15 women* visual artists are admitted to our professional development programme. We take the participants’ artistic practices as the departure point of our training. The course combines practical tasks with various insights into the art world and the continuous training of presentation techniques and communication strategies. This includes the design of an individual website, studio talks and discussions of art work. Also part of the curriculum are basic knowledge about self-employment, public relations and project planning, the creation of a catalogue and a group exhibition. Experienced art historians lead the seminars and they additionally invite curators, gallerists and other experts who engage with the artists on an equal footing: Practical know-how, which can be implemented in order to pursue a successful career, is exchanged and further developed. A profound knowledge of the art sector is equally important, its practice and key players as well as an understanding of networks. Here, a fundamental basis is provided by Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt’s ever-growing network of alumnae, which consists of more than 477 former participants.

Organiser and Funding

The project is organised by Goldrausch Frauennetzwerk Berlin e. V., which acts as a microlending agency and financing body for women-led businesses. It is co-funded by the European Union (European Social Fund Plus) and by the Federal State of Berlin.

The financing covers the costs of the programme. The call for applications is subject to the approval of funds.

Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt

  • admits 15 women* visual artists per year
  • runs for 12 months (end of January to December)
  • on a weekly basis, Thursday and Friday, plus 3–4 intensive weeks
  • works with a changing, external jury of experts for the admission of participants

We are looking forward to applications from women visual artists*

  • of any age
  • working in all disciplines
  • preferably with a completed (arts) degree, or equivalent qualification
  • with sufficient German language skills to follow discussions, contributions may be in English
  • resident in Berlin
  • with experience in artistic practice, specific goals and great motivation
  • with the time and resources needed to work on concepts of communication and marketing while also working in the studio
  • * The project is aimed at female* visual artists, i.e. all women*, including trans women as well as inter and non-binary people.

Course Content

  • Analysis of the participant’s current position and aims of artistic practice
  • Training of verbal and work presentation
  • Self-employment: tax, financing, copyright – what should one know?
  • Berlin’s art scene: excursions, seminars, discussions, contacts
  • Planning and realisation of personal website and a catalogue brochure
  • Final group exhibition in autumn

We are sensitive to the lived diversity of gender identities. If you have any questions about this, we invite you to contact us confidentially, which will not affect the application process. Feel free to contact Manon Frugier (they/them) at

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