application materials/application process

Application materials

To be considered for participation in the course, you must submit a written application. The application must be submitted online. Please provide the following information and materials:

  • Completed application form (will be available for download during the application period here)
  • Texts for the application:
  • CV / résumé listing previous education, exhibitions, projects and grants
  • brief statement concerning the reasons you wish to participate (motivational letter)
  • brief artist statement about your own work
  • Portfolio:
  • documentation of your artistic work in the form of a digital portfolio (20–25 pages resp. images)
  • film material (link to vimeo), only of time-based works (demo version, max 10 min duration). Please list weblinks in separate document.
  • catalogues (if available, as seperate PDF: Lastname_Firstname_Catalogue)

Unfortunately, documents or catalogues submitted non-digitally can not be considered. Applications will be treated confidentially. There is no confirmation of receipt and we kindly ask you to refrain from individual requests during the ongoing procedure (ie after the closing date). All applicants will be informed by email about the outcome of the procedure.

Digital Applications can be sent

We will set up an email address that will be activated at the beginning of the application period.

Format: PDF format. There is a 10 MB limit on each application. File names for online applications:
1: Last-Name_First-Name_Form
2: Last-Name_First-Name_Texts
3: Last-Name_First-Name_Doku

Applications for course participation in the following year can be submitted from 1 July-15 September.
The application period for the 2022 course is now over. We thank you very much for all applications received. All applicants will be informed by email about the outcome of the process.

Expert jury application process

An independent jury of experts selects 15 participants from the pool of applicants on the basis of a twofold process (portfolio / small group interview). The criteria include the applicant’s high level of artistic work and an assessment of the programme’s benefit for the applicant’s artistic career.
The jurors’ decision is final.

Previous jurors included

Yalda Afsah, Heike Baranowsky, Anke Becker, Beatrice von Bismarck, Ellen Blumenstein, Monica Bonvicini, Barbara Buchmaier, Kerstin Drechsel, Friederike Feldmann, Surya Gied, Julia Grosse, Christine Hohenbüchler, Sofia Hultén, Heike Klussmann, Pauline Kraneis, Käthe Elke Kruse, Hanne Loreck, Susanne Lorenz, Annelie Lüthgens, Astrid Mania, Anja Osswald, Solvej Helweg Ovesen, Kathrin Peters, Susanne Prinz, Katia Reich, Julia Schäfer, Sabine Schmidt, Britta Schmitz, Valerie Smith, Heidi Specker, Julia Wallner, Susanne Weiss.